Drinking on the Rise Among U.S. Women

Women born after 1945 are more likely to have problems with drinking than those born before because the expectation changed, according to according to Judith Hunter, MD in an article titled “Drinking Is on the Rise Among U.S. Women.” Females born after 1945 were expected to work, take care of the house and keep track of their children.

Where, as before, women only had to worry about their children and the house. Today’s women find the amount of work they have to do a daunting task. More and more females are turning to alcohol as a cheap and easy fix to cope with the stress.

Alcohol AbuseAn Easy Way to Understand Binge Drinking

Some may not know that the amount you have to drink to reach the status of binge drinker varies, depending on if you’re male or female. Women, for example, can only have four drinks in two hours in order to reach binge drinker status. Men are considered binge drinkers when they drink five or more drinks in two hours.

Problems With Drinking Start in College

The problems with drinking may start in college. This is where most women first feel pressured to party like their peers. College students are surrounded by the same age group.

They want to follow along with what is deemed “socially acceptable.” This leads to the attendance of a Friday night party, which turns into a Sunday night get together which leads to a night cap on Monday after the big test.

Drinking on the Rise Among U.S. Women

The resources aren’t available for women on college campuses to help them understand the reasons they shouldn’t overdo it on alcohol. Women don’t want to tell anyone their might be a problem with what they’re doing because they’re underage.

Problems With Drinking Are A Result of Women Trying to “Catch Up” to Men

These days, more than at any other point in history, women are trying their hardest to keep up with men. They want to take home the same amount of pay, hold the same job title and find themselves as socially accepted as their male counterparts.

This leads to drinking because the men go out after work to hang with their buddies at the bar. What most career women don’t realize is that the men going out after work are often single and don’t have a family waiting back at home.

Women tend feel the need to catch up to men in career fields that are generally dominated by men. This includes banking, technology and automotive. Women in these fields want to act just like their male coworkers.

It’s the same way as a worker who wants to rise up in the ranks. He or she dresses and tries to emulate the mannerism of their boss in the hopes that they will get noticed the next time a promotion becomes available.

What women don’t often realize is that sometimes it’s more than enough to act like the best version of themselves. Managers want the most dependable employees on their team and this isn’t always the staff that goes out for night caps every evening after work.

Women Drink to Ease Stress

Another reason more and more women are turning to alcohol as a way to solve their problems is because they feel that it’s the only cheap resource available, according to Denise Mann in an article titled: “Study Shows Gap Is Narrowing Between Men and Women on How Much Alcohol They Drink.” Alcohol is easy to get and it’s accepted by the majority of society, unlike what happens with illegal drugs.

The good news is that there are other ways to help deal with stress. This can include talking to friends over coffee, going for a long walk, reading a good book or going to a movie. Alcohol doesn’t have to be a problem and there are ways to get help. You don’t have to feel ashamed to ask someone else for assistance when you are recovering from alcohol abuse.

Take a look at celebrities. Several have gone to rehab in the past several years and have come out the other side looking amazing. Drew Barrymore is one example of how a girl can overcome her past with the right kind of help and support. She has a child, a successful production company and a supportive husband.

You too can overcome your trouble and work your way toward getting into a more positive mindset. It’s hard, there is no denying it, but that’s what makes the reward that much greater when you finally reach your goal.

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