10 Alcohol Addiction Facts

Many people don’t even realize that the National Institute of Health has technically declared addiction a disease that is progressive and which can affect anyone regardless of age, race, sex, or socioeconomic status. This is just one of the many addiction facts that everyone should be aware of, especially those who have a loved one or friend who is suffering from addiction and needs help.

The following 9 additional Addiction Facts are Important for everyone to know:

  1. More deaths are caused by addiction each year than any other disease or health problem
  2. An estimated 1/3 of the American population suffers from addiction and those who do not directly suffer from addiction know someone who does. That’s 33% of the population!
  3. Marijuana is the most commonly used illegal substances in the United States accounting for approximately 18 million users. More than 10% of students who are 15 years old report having smoked marijuana at least once in their lifetime and many use on a regular basis.
  4. The number of overdose related deaths has increased more than 500% in the past 20 years. Much of the increase has resulted from the massive epidemic of prescription drug abuse, especially pertaining to the use of opiates.
  5. An increase in prescription drug use for illegal purposes has risen by more than 500 percent in just over ten years and the numbers continue to rise as illegal pill mills and other methods of prescription medication consumption efforts are on the rise.
  6. Estimates from crime reports and court convictions determine that as many as 90% of crimes related to theft, break in and assault are the direct result of drug or alcohol abuse or addiction.
  7. Heroin addiction as well as opiate addiction is an expensive habit! The average heroin addict spends more than $200 per day to fuel his or her habit. Most resort to stealing or to selling themselves for sex to obtain the money necessary to support their habit. This leads to increased criminal activity, rape and greater instances of sexually transmitted diseases through injectable drugs and promiscuous activity.
  8. About 25% of all hospital related admissions are the result of alcohol, alcohol addiction or alcohol related accidents. This includes car accidents, overdose, injury and illness which results from the consumption of alcohol.
  9. Approximately 18 million people suffer from alcohol related problems including alcohol addiction or alcoholism. Comparatively, about 6 million people suffer from drug addiction. Of those who are addicted, less than 10 percent will get treatment when they need it the most.

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